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Take Back the Night (TBTN)

TBTN is an annual event organized in Tucson and across the nation to speak out and raise awareness about sexual violence and provide support to survivors. 

Denim Day Tucson


Denim Day Tucson is a live community arts project that raises awareness and educates the community on the many issues surrounding rape and sexual assault. 

Hey Baby: Art Against Sexual Violence

A collective project involving creative acts and inquiry aimed at trying new ways of being that transform current cultural dynamics of oppression and domination. The goal is to create a culture that supports healthy, egalitarian relationships and survivorship of violence.

Rap Club

Rap Club (integrating mentorshipo and community involvement through Hip-Hop) is an organic, free-speech program designed to work with youth who live in areas where violence is prevalent. Professional Hip-Hop artists led by Ripdee, Producer of the label GLDN Records, meet with youth to study, compose, and analyze the meaning and message of Hip-Hop. 

The #Worthy Project: A Movement of Self-Worth and Empowerment

The #Worthy Project is at heart an inclusive art project and movement of empowerment, focusing on what it means to know ones worth mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and environmentally. The #Worthy's Project aims to develop a worthy lifestyle, mentally, physically, spiritually, and environmentally by reconnecting resources to youth in struggling local communities. This includes creating gardens, education, and action about repurposing/recycling works and clean water security.

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