Highlights from the 2020 Youth & Peace Conference

Centering Women of Color

The 2020 Youth Leadership Team filmed interviews with women they chose to exemplify their Mission Statement: "Our mission is to educate our peers in “Cultivating Safer Communities by Centering Women of Color”, as we recognize that when women of color are safe, specifically Black, Indigenous, and trans women, all women are safe. Our hope is to plant a seed for a healthier and safer community for all by offering workshops that unpack systemic and domestic violence, as well as violent ideologies like toxic masculinity, sexism, racism, colorism, and more, and promote healthy social environments and healing. Our growth as a community depends on our willingness to unlearn, learn, and allow ourselves to abolish roots of violence within ourselves and our communities. Ultimately, by centering the safety, health, and happiness of women of color, we begin cultivating peace for all."

Guest Speakers

The 2020 YPC Youth Team also selected two guest speakers for the Opening Ceremony:  Lucero Ramirez (Pueblo High School Teacher – see video on left side below) and Sadie Shaw (running for and now elected to the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board – see video on right side below). Please watch these two videos to hear the powerful messages each speaker shared to inspire today’s youth.

Lucero Ramirez

Sadie Shaw