Be a part of the 8th Annual Youth and Peace Conference! This year's event introduces and explores diverse peace practices through a resource fair, workshops, dialogue circles, interactive speakers and performers. Join us in being part of your students’ future success by exposing your students to an environment that fosters positive relationships among peers, teachers and the community! 

Registration is FREE and lunch is INCLUDED.


This year, the 8th Annual Youth and Peace Conference is excited to announce that we will be providing two workshops designed specifically for adults! The purpose behind these workshops is to provide an opportunity for adult chaperones and community partners to gain valuable information and perspective that can be applied to their own work and personal lives. Please be sure to fill out the form below so that you don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity! 


The Resource Fair is a unique opportunity of the Conference that offers a multitude of resources from various sectors of the community including education, health, and public safety. Many of the students attending the conference are preparing for their future and your experience and knowledge is invaluable in assisting them to make well-informed decisions that can affect them for the rest of their lives. As an exhibitor you will be able to converse with our student participants about your organization and resources and how you can help them to achieve their academic and personal goals!


As a presenter, you have the opportunity to facilitate a workshop for students about a specific topic that aligns with this year's Conference theme.  and how that issue impacts the students of Pima County. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to stress to the students the importance of making well-informed decisions graduating from high school and how higher education can only lead to greater success!

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