Volunteer Coordinator: Andrea Martinez, marti137@seattleu.edu/ 520-867-2679




Our ideal volunteers

  • Are passionate about centering youth voices and peace building

  • Have access to a laptop/computer and internet

  • Are familiar with Zoom


Important Dates

  • Mandatory Orientation Session  

    • Dates: November 9th between 4pm-7pm OR Saturday, November 13th between 10am-1pm

    • Time: We will schedule 10-15 minutes orientations with each volunteer on one of these dates and times.

    • What: We will take this time to check your internet connection, audio, background for day of the conference, a conversation about Zoom familiarity, finalize volunteer assignments, answer any questions.

    • Email marti137@seattleu.edu to schedule your orientation time on either November 9th between 4pm-7pm or 10am-1pm on November 13 (see Volunteer Registration Instructions below).

  • Day of the Conference

    • Date: Friday, November 19, 2021

    • Login Time: 7:30am (Note: conference check in = 8am; conference program runs from 8:30am to 1pm)

    • Expectation: Strong internet connection, headphones, charged/working laptop/computer, appropriate background for your Zoom connection.

    • Volunteer Roles for the day of conference, see below.


Volunteer Roles

  • Day of the Conference

    • Workshop Monitors: Be present during a workshop to assist the presenter in monitoring the participants’ needs/concerns and checking on chat communication. This task may also entail monitoring inappropriate behavior/language. (See Workshop Descriptions)

    • Scribes: As a workshop monitor you may also serve as a scribe for the workshop presenter(s) if they need one. Also volunteers may act as scribes for dialogue circle facilitators who may need/want the extra hand.


  • Before or After the Day of the Conference

    • Assemble Resource/Swag Bags and/or deliver Resource/Swag Bags to schools for registered youth and adults during the week before the conference.

    • Prepare packets with thank you notes for mailing or delivery (after conference)


  • Where

    • For Day of the Conference = Virtual Space on Zoom Platform hosted by Pima Community College (Link will be provided).

    • For Volunteer Tasks Performed Before or After the Conference = Information regarding where Resource/Swag Bags will be assembled or where Thank You packets will be created will be provided to individuals volunteering for these jobs. Vaccination and masks are required for these two jobs and for delivery of Resource/Swag Bags to schools.



To register as a volunteer for the 10th Annual Youth and Peace Conference, please provide answers to the following questions and email your answers to Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Martinez, marti137@seattleu.edu. For questions, call/text 520-867-2679 or email marti137@seattleu.edu.

  1. Full Name

  2. Email Address

  3. Phone

  4. Mailing Address

  5. Preferred Volunteer Role(s) – see above for options.

  6. 1st and 2nd Preferred Workshops (if you are signing up as a Workshop Monitor) -- List of workshops

  7. Preferred Orientation Day & Time (15 minute time slots on either November 9th between 4pm-7pm or on Saturday, Nov. 13 between 10am & 1pm (example: Nov. 13 from 10:15 to 10:30am)


Please email this information, as well as any questions/concerns, to the Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Martinez, marti137@seattleu.edu by or before November 12, 2021. We are most appreciative of your interest and willingness to volunteer to assist the 10th Annual Youth and Peace Conference.