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Identify Your Sources of Strength & A Mental Health Safety Plan

In this workshop, youth engage introspectively, conversationally, and through visual art to become acquainted with their personal signs of mental struggle, while also exploring their personal sources of strength and mental wellbeing. Together, young people paint the picture of what a balanced and holistic plan for mental wellbeing looks like to them.

Workshop presented by:

Sean Cronin, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation


My Mind Matters Too - CANCELLED 

What is trauma? By looking at the common experiences that cause trauma and defining the ideas of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), this workshop will help inform trauma's impact on the brain, nervous system, and body. We will also discuss the impact of trauma on mental illness and how this shows up for people. Finally, we will address healing from trauma.

Workshop presented by:

Dr. DaMond T Holt PhD, The Trauma Center of Hope & Functional Medicine


I Am Somebody - Self Awareness - CANCELLED

I Am Somebody curriculum focuses on the self-development, self-love, positive thinking, critical thinking, to help boost self-esteem, create healthy relationships, and decision making. This program is interactive and allows participants voices to be heard.

Workshop presented by:

Desiree Cook, I Am You 360


You Are Not Alone

Andres will briefly share his struggles with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, cutting, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and overeating. The youth will be asked questions that will be thought-provoking to help them think about their own personal life and how they can use these tools to help them master their emotions to overcome any challenge they may be having with their feelings. The presentation will be engaging with mindfulness activities that the youth can use immediately.

Workshop presented by:

Andres Ruiz, I Believe In Myself


You Belong – Self care & Overcoming Mental health Obstacles for Students Pursuing Healthcare Careers

In this workshop we will explore how students overcome adversities (i.e. imposter syndrome, tokenism, and micro-aggression), and provide mental health and well-being tools to help foster success, and ultimately create inclusive and diverse representation in medical professions.


Workshop presented by:

Jeffrey Mace BA, BFA and Eliza Yellow Bird, Ph.D, University of Arizona Health Sciences Office of Equity Diversity & Inclusion (UAHS-OEDI)


Getting Your Physical/Mental Health Needs Met

It is important to consider all aspects of yourself when ensuring you are healthy and ready for whatever might come your way. This overview of whole person care will look at how our physical and mental wellbeing are intertwined into making us ready to face those challenges and opportunities.


Workshop presented by:

Tyson Gillespie, Community Partners Inc.


Coping with our Daily Stressors

This one-hour workshop shares methods that help identify and analyze the physical and emotional effects of everyday stressors, and teaches positive coping strategies to support a healthier life. Attendees will learn how to achieve balance, set boundaries, seek support, share core values, and self-regulate through mindfulness. Ending with a brief breathing exercise, audiences will leave feeling refreshed and empowered.


Workshop presented by:

Leah Morales and Elizabeth Stamm, Pima County Health Department


The Impact of Youth Mental Health and Well-being on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

This workshop will explore how access to basic human needs, known as social determinants of health, impact youth mental health and wellbeing. A lack of access to basic human needs may lead to social isolation, shaming, stigma and individual crisis. Facilitators will help participants distinguish problems & symptoms from the underlying root causes that contribute to inequities in youth mental health and wellbeing and potentially influence disruptive or inappropriate behavior in and outside of school. These behaviors often lead to disciplinary action inside the schools which can result in justice referral or involvement.


Workshop presented by:

Doyle R. Morrison, Pima County Justice Services (RERoot)


Confidently Managing Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of life. If managed well, it can result in problem solving, compromise and personal safety. If not managed well, it can cause questioning, anger, and even physical or verbal abuse.

This workshop provides an emotionally safe instruction that emphasizes scenario-based skills practice in a supportive environment:

  • Practice using empathy to understand views different from your own (even if you don't agree);

  • Explore your personal conflict triggers and how to manage them;

  • Options for dealing with questioning, anger, and verbal abuse.


Workshop presented by:

Dawn Armstrong, ThinkSafe Seminars


Know Yourself, Know Your Expectations

In this discussion-based workshop, you will explore your personality type and your expectations for relationships. Just like people have different personalities, our expectations for relationships can also differ. We’ll be talking about different expectations people bring to relationships, what expectations are reasonable (and which are not), and how important it is in a healthy relationship to know your own expectations and to be able to communicate them!


Workshop presented by:

Tara Condon and Maggie Brown, Child and Family Resources


Ending the Silence

In Ending the Silence you learn about mental illness in adolescents through discussion and short videos. You will learn symptoms and indicators of mental illness and the warning signs of suicide. You will also be given information and tools needed to help yourself, friends, or family members who may be in need of support. We aim to normalize and end the stigma of seeking help. This workshop will be co-presented with a trained young-adult.


Workshop presented by:

Marsi Quigley and Rezwana Islam, NAMI of Southern Arizona


The Buzz

The Buzz is an underage drinking prevention workshop for teens led by teens. The Buzz uses fun, interactive activities and prevention education to increase teens’ skills for resisting negative peers and strengthen other resiliency and coping skills. It teaches teens the harms and consequences of underage drinking and provides them an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings while they practice skills in a supportive environment among their peers.


Workshop presented by:

Ana Serratos and Youth Members of BeFreePima, PPEP, Inc.

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