2020 YPC Individual Youth Registration

The 9th Annual Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) is scheduled to take place on Friday, Sept. 25, 2020 (8 AM to 1 PM). Due to COVID-19 safety issues, all aspects of the 2020 conference are happening virtually, including the resource fair, workshops, dialogue circles and the opening and closing ceremonies!

We opened registration for high schools on August 20 to sign up students to participate in this youth-led, peace leadership conference. Now we have had a request for a way that youth can register themselves without having to go through their schools (besides notifying their school of their plans to attend the 2020 Youth & Peace Conference).


With time running short and a desire to have 200-250 high school-age youth successfully registered by Sept. 18 to participate in this inspiring and transformative conference, we have added an Individual Youth Registration Form to the YPC website (see below for this form).


If you are interested in attending the 2020 Youth & Peace Conference, please complete and submit your Individual Youth Registration Form by or before Sept. 18.


And be sure and let someone in authority at your high school (e.g., a teacher, counselor, principal, etc) know that you will be attending this conference on Sept. 25. We will be delivering Certificates of Participation for all youth who attend the conference, so you can demonstrate that you did participate in this educational event.


Finally, since the Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) prioritizes youth leadership, we wanted to share the Mission Statement created by the 2020 YPC Youth Leadership Team as you make your decision about participating in this year’s conference:


Our mission is to educate our peers in “Cultivating Safer Communities by Centering Women of Color”, as we recognize that when women of color are safe, specifically Black, Indigenous, and trans women, all women are safe. Our hope is to plant a seed for a healthier and safer community for all by offering workshops that unpack systemic and domestic violence, as well as violent ideologies like toxic masculinity, sexism, racism, colorism, and more, and promote healthy social environments and healing. Our growth as a community depends on our willingness to unlearn, learn, and allow ourselves to abolish roots of violence within ourselves and our communities. Ultimately, by centering the safety, health, and happiness of women of color, we begin cultivating peace for all.


If you have any questions or concerns about your registration or participation in the 2020 Youth & Peace Conference, please contact either of the YPC Coordinators: Ann Yellott (520-991-6781/text ok; azyellott@gmail.com) or Andrea Martinez (520-867-2679/text ok; marti136@seattleu.edu), or send us a message in the Questions or Feedback box below.


Hoping to receive your Individual Youth Registration and having you join us at the 2020 Youth & Peace Conference on Friday, September 25 from 8 AM to 1 PM!