We are pleased to announce the opening of school and youth program registrations for the 10th Annual Youth & Peace Conference (YPC), taking place virtually on Friday, November 19, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. All registrations for this event are free.


Conference Title and ThemesFostering Equitable Education by Prioritizing Safe & Diverse Dialogue

The 2021 YPC Youth Leadership Team chose to focus this year’s conference on these three themes:

  • Racial justice, equity and inclusion in schools;

  • Mental health concerns; and

  • Youth voice and decision-making in education systems.


Conference Logistics

  • Pima Community College (PCC) is hosting the virtual 2021 YPC on their Zoom platform. PCC plans to email the Zoom link for the conference to each registered person.

  • Registration is open to young people ages 13 to 24, with a special focus on high school students.

  • Up to three adults from each school or youth program site may register to attend the YPC. Since the audience for this conference is youth, we ask that adults who are attending assume an observational role so that the participation and active engagement of the youth can be centered and uplifted. 

  • To maximize the participatory nature of this youth-led conference, we are limiting registration for the 2021 YPC to 225 youth. To help diversify the participation of district and charter high schools, we strongly recommend that schools and youth programs register no more than 20 youth.

  • Each participating youth will need access to a computer/device and earbuds/headphones. Schools and youth programs should provide a room or meeting space (e.g., classroom, library, common room), where registered youth and an attending adult can meet at 8 AM on November 19th to participate in this virtual event.

  • The first 30 minutes from 8-8:30 AM are reserved for youth to collect their Resource Swag Bags, sign onto Zoom, and get settled in. The official program kicks off at 8:30 AM. A tentative agenda for the conference can be found here. A more detailed agenda will be available closer to the conference date.

  • At least one adult who has registered for the conference should be present in the room/meeting space where the youth are tuning in.   

  • With the conference scheduled to run until 1 PM, we want to confirm with participating schools and youth programs regarding how students will get lunch. We plan to include snacks in Resource Swag Bags that we will deliver to schools and youth program sites ahead of the conference for each participating youth and adults.

Conference Workshops

Eight 1-hour workshops will be offered during the 2021 Youth & Peace Conference. The virtual nature of this year’s conference provides a unique opportunity for attendees to select a workshop that especially interests them. On the registration form, you are asked to indicate a first choice and second choice workshop for each youth (and adult) you are registering. Workshop placement is on a first-come-first-served basis. View Workshop Descriptions here. 

Registration Deadline

School and youth program registration closes Friday, November 12th. 

Registration Instructions

Schools and youth programs may register up to 20 students and 3 adults. School and youth program registrations require the contact person handling registrations to gather and provide the following information for each youth being registered:

  • First & Last Name

  • Email Address – NOTE: If students’ school emails block communication from external sources, please provide an alternative email address that we can use to communication with students (e.g., send the Zoom link; use email to assign youth to their chosen workshop during the conference).

  • Grade level

  • Whether youth will be attending virtually from your school/program site or from their home (e.g., in case any of your students are engaged in distance learning).

  • Top 2 workshop preferences for each youth - Please share the workshop descriptions with the youth and be prepared to list each young person's top two workshop choices when you register them.​


If you have any questions while completing the registration form, please contact Courtney Waters (cwaters2@arizona.edu) or Ann Yellott (520-991-6781; azyellott@gmail.com).


Many thanks for participating in the 10th Annual Youth and Peace Conference!