2019 Call for workshops

The Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) prioritizes youth leadership, with a Youth Leadership Team taking responsibility for choosing the title and theme for each year’s event and selecting workshops, speakers, performers, dialogue circles and other activities to highlight that theme. 


The 2019 YPC Youth Leadership Team is seeking 1-hour workshop proposals to educate youth about the following issues and strategies:

  1. Education & Disruption of Unhealthy Relationships

    • Myths & facts about domestic and dating violence

    • Consent vs. coercion

    • Sexual harassment & sexual assault

    • Identifying signs of domestic abuse

  2. Addressing Systems of Oppression

    • Roots of the problem

    • Intersectionality

    • Masculinity & gender roles

    • What it means to have privilege

    • Taking action to change oppressive structures

  3. Healing, Coping & Mental Health

    • Supporting & listening to survivors

    • Creating culturally diverse & safe spaces

    • Methods of coping with gender-based violence

    • Healing through artistic expression

    • Building healthy communities

During our selection process, the Youth Leadership Team, along with the 2019 YPC Workshop Committee, will prioritize workshops that are participatory and focus on supporting the voices and lived experiences of their youth participants. Some examples of participatory workshops are role-playing/acting out scenarios, large and small group discussions, and opportunities for artistic and creative expression.


If you are interested in conducting an hour-long workshop at the 2019 YPC, please complete the Workshop Presenter Registration form. Please submit your workshop proposal by July 19. We will inform you of our decision by July 31st. Thank you for your interest in making this conference meaningful, safe and successful.  For any questions, contact 2019 YPC Workshop Committee members Beau Finan (520-274-7725; BFinan@saaf.org) or Ann Yellott (520-991-6781; azyellott@gmail.com).


And if you know of other organizations or individuals who you believe would be a good fit for the gender-based violence focus of this conference, please share this Call for Workshops with them!


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