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Would you like to participate in the
2024 YPC Sustainability Summit?

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Applications are now closed. Thanks to all the youth who applied! Notifications are underway. We look forward to welcoming our new Youth Leadership Team at their upcoming orientation session. 

Tucson Youth and Peace (TYP) is a peace leadership program under the nonprofit umbrella of the Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA).

TYP's mission is to promote peace, justice, and sustainability in Tucson and beyond by educating and empowering youth on issues they identify as important, such as mental health, diversity and equity.

TYP seeks to give the youth a voice, by providing the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through its year-long peace leadership training program, where students are in charge of planning and leading the Annual Youth and Peace Conference, at the same time that they are being trained on useful vocational and social/emotional skills. This is a paid opportunity.

Please consider applying for this amazing program!

The 13th Annual Youth and Peace Conference will be held on Friday, either Sept 20 or 27, 2024
at Pima Community College West Campus.
Check back for updated information. 


The Annual Youth & Peace Conference
Tucson’s Annual Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) started in 2011 as a collaborative, community-based, peace-building, youth leadership and violence prevention project. YPC goals include educating and empowering youth to make healthy life choices and gain effective tools to become leaders, practice nonviolence, build peace and strengthen social justice.  The Youth & Peace Conference prioritizes youth leadership in planning and presenting this annual event.
See below for more information about the Youth and Peace Conference and a listing of the eleven conferences previously held, along with the theme or title selected by youth for that year's event. 
In 2021, as a result of the powerful mission statement created by the 2020 Youth Leadership Team, the Annual Youth and Peace Conference expanded into a year-round peace leadership program called Tucson Youth and Peace (TYP). For information, contact TYP Co-Coordinators Ann Yellott (520-991-6781; or Vana Dee Lewis (520-993-9390;
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