Join us For the 9th Annual Youth & Peace Conference & Help Make It Happen

Friday, September 25, 2020 | A Virtual Event 

Registration is FREE for this Peace Leadership Conference! 

Tucson’s Annual Youth & Peace Conference (YPC) started in 2011 as a collaborative, community-based, peace-building, youth leadership and violence prevention project. YPC goals include educating and empowering youth to make healthy life choices and gain effective tools to become leaders, practice nonviolence, build peace and strengthen social justice.  The Youth & Peace Conference prioritizes youth leadership in planning and presenting this annual event.

The 2020 YPC is focused on addressing and ending gender-based violence.  Youth Team members have expressed their interest in focusing on uplifting the voices of marginalized women, including Black/African American, Latina, Indigenous, and Trans  women, emphasizing how, if these communities are safe, our community as a whole is safer for everyone.  The 2020 YPC will be presented as a virtual event co-hosted by Pima Community College and is being organized collaboratively by the 2020 YPC Youth Leadership Team & Adult Logistics Team. For information, contact YPC Coordinators Ann Yellott (520-991-6781; or Andrea Martinez (520-867-2679;

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Youth and Peace Conference

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