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Communication Challenges Between Generation Z
and the Caring Adults Around Them


Presented By: Dr. Pamela K. Struss,

Adjunct Professor for School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University

Parents, teachers, and administrators frequently deal with miscommunication between themselves and teenagers. Adults want compliance and the teenagers want to assert their independence and reasoning for why they want things their way.  While it would be nice if teenagers met the adults in their life halfway, it frequently requires the adults to do much more than 50%. This session will equip you with some basic conflict resolution and communication skills to lessen the pain and increase connection.

Using Proven Simple Strategies to Positively Change
Children's Lives and Futures


Presented By: Dr. Dennis D. Embry, PAXIS Institute

Imagine how both cultural wisdom and world-class behavioral science—some of that science even conducted in Arizona—can dramatically change the lives of students from preschool through high-school. That science is 50 years old now and yet, most teachers and people working with children and youth of all ages have never heard about that science, let alone had a chance to apply such powerful culturally and scientifically proven strategies.


In this workshop you will learn about these strategies, many of them studied and refined here in Tucson with the PeaceBuilders youth violence prevention project. The simple active ingredients are called, “Evidence-based kernels—fundamental units of behavioral influence.” You can even read the powerful scientific papers on the Internet.  Go to, and search for “evidence-based kernels”.  Download the free paper entitled: “Evidence-base kernels: fundamental units of behavioral influence” by Dennis Embry and Anthony Biglan. There are 52 simple powerful prevention and behavioral practices that can change behavior and that can be used by parents, teachers, youth leaders and much more.

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